about me

922306_10100289631338297_206479565_oKaterina Marks is a mixed-media artist and writer. She is a baby of the ‘80s and a Georgia native residing in Atlanta.

Her art works are based deeply on emotions and reflect themes of love, confusion, and spirituality. In the past several years she has become fascinated with the idea of the “monster” and modern representations of (non)ideal beauty. Most of her paintings juxtapose images of “monstrous” creatures with demonstrations of more positive emotions. Why wouldn’t a monster be happy and confident in her own skin?

* * *

“Under the skin there is raw flesh; look deeper and you find bone…we are all the same underneath. Some people may be quite fat, others thin, some handsome, yet if I look at them with an X-ray machine, I see a room full of skeletons with huge eye sockets. Such is the real nature of our bodies.” – the Dalai Lama